Clear Creek Falls


These impressive falls plunge a sheer 228 feet into a gaping canyon, with the volcanic remains of Spiral Butte looming behind, and Clear Lake visible in the distance. The stream-bed is extremely rocky at the bottom, and when the creek is running low, the water seeps underground, disappearing from view for several hundred yards. The falls themselves become more graceful with less water, but no matter when you visit these falls, or where you view them from, they are awesome. The viewpoint has been redeveloped and is now handicapped accessible.


Clear Creek Falls is accessed easiest by driving 2 1/2 miles east of White Pass along Highway 12, or 5.1 miles west of FR # 12, to the marked Clear Creek Falls viewpoint. Walk downstream along the canyon to any of several fenced vistas into the falls. Best view is about 200 feet downstream from the bathrooms. Accessing the bottom of the falls is possible, but it requires  a good sense of direction and a little climbing ability.