Packwood Airport

Image Courtesy of WSDOT

In 1946, volunteers began clearing land donated by Howard & Irene Anderson. Anderson Airfield as it was then called, was deeded to the State of Washington as an emergency landing field on December 16, 1949. Improvements were made to the runway. The airport was dedicated on June 17, 1950. In 1982, ownership was transferred to Lewis County. The runway was paved in 1984.

Packwood AirportDave Garoutte

The first airplane landed at Anderson Airfield in 1948. The first helicopter landed in 1949. Local pilot, Donny Morris, used the airfield frequently. In 1975, a Beechcraft Bonanza with 5 aboard crashed and burned. Thankfully, all 5 escaped injury.

The airport is quite busy, especially during the summer months. The landing strip has been extended, widened, and repaved to allow for safer landings and takeoffs. New LED runway lights have been installed. The airfield was rededicated in the summer of 2017 as Packwood Airport.