Annual Packwood Rod Run

In 1993 Elaine Arteburn commented to Jerry Redfield that she had heard he was going to have a car show. What Jerry had actually said was that it would be nice to have a car show. That casual conversation spurred him to see if there was enough interest to proceed. After calling a meeting with several friends who had cars, the East End Cruisers Car Club was formed.

To raise money for the show the members sold ads on the back of a flyer. Not one business that was asked to sponsor the show turned them down. That first year they expected about 50 cars and were surprised with an attendance of 107 cars. The show was to start at 9 am; members arrived at the site at 8 am to open and were greeted with a lineup of cars waiting to attend.

The first 3 years the show was held at the Cowlitz River Lodge. It was then moved to Peters Field behind the Cowlitz River Lodge. In 2019 it was moved back to the Cowlitz River Lodge.

Membership has changed over the years. Thanks to the support of local businesses the show continues to be possible.